Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fun website

No new pictures or exciting news to I thought I'd tell you about a fun website for toddlers. It's the playhouse disney website. There are lots of fun games for you and your kiddo to play together. Check it out!

Wow-Christmas is just around the corner! Drew wants everything he sees on TV-oh no! Do you have any "must have" toys that I should get the kids? Let me know!

Monday, November 06, 2006


We traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend to be a part of our neice's baptism. We, along with Andy's brother and wife were honored to be Anna's godparents. This was the first time to meet the family in North Carolina and the first time for all the cousins to be together. It was definately wild and crazy with 6 kids age 3 and under. Thanks Mike and Amy for the awesome weekend!

Halloween Fun

Better late than never, right? Here are some pictures from our exciting Halloween weekend/night. We had a church party we all dressed up for- Andy and I were 70's people (nice hair Andy!) Reese was a tiger, and Drew was Superman. Halloween night we went trick or treating with some of Drew's buddies. We've got enough candy to last us till next Halloween!