Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

How neat it is to see how everyone has celebrated Thankgiving and see how richly blessed we all are. Andy's team was in a Thanksgiving basketball tournament so we did not get to travel to see our families. We have a wonderful group of friend here in town that always "adopt" our family when we can't travel to our hometowns for holidays. I love Thanksgiving....start the day with the Macy's Thankgiving parade, check out all the "what a deals" in the sale ads, football, and enjoying food and fellowship with friends and family. After enjoying an afternoon at Emily's, we took off for Andy's game. They placed 4th overall in the tournament.

Friday I got in line with all the other crazy people at 4:50am at Toys R Us. Madness, but I had a blast! That afternoon my parents came to spend the weekend with us....lots of basketball, football, and shopping.

The pictures are: the girls at Thanksgiving dinner, Reese saying cheese with Drew's underwear on her head after going through all the kitchen drawers (which she put there herself), Drew in timeout (and Reese not understanding why), and the kids before church Sunday, and Drew on the bench (he gives the guys water and "coaches" them)