Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

How neat it is to see how everyone has celebrated Thankgiving and see how richly blessed we all are. Andy's team was in a Thanksgiving basketball tournament so we did not get to travel to see our families. We have a wonderful group of friend here in town that always "adopt" our family when we can't travel to our hometowns for holidays. I love Thanksgiving....start the day with the Macy's Thankgiving parade, check out all the "what a deals" in the sale ads, football, and enjoying food and fellowship with friends and family. After enjoying an afternoon at Emily's, we took off for Andy's game. They placed 4th overall in the tournament.

Friday I got in line with all the other crazy people at 4:50am at Toys R Us. Madness, but I had a blast! That afternoon my parents came to spend the weekend with us....lots of basketball, football, and shopping.

The pictures are: the girls at Thanksgiving dinner, Reese saying cheese with Drew's underwear on her head after going through all the kitchen drawers (which she put there herself), Drew in timeout (and Reese not understanding why), and the kids before church Sunday, and Drew on the bench (he gives the guys water and "coaches" them)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all! We took some pictures this morning. Now the kids can enjoy trick or treating without me trying to take pictures every two minutes! Enjoy your halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drew receiving his medal and trophy from his soccer coach

We've had a good few weeks since I've posted last. Drew finished his first soccer season. We're not so sure what the team's final record was but, Drew thinks they won the championship. He had his team party over the weekend-he's very proud of his medal and trophy. Reese is at a fun age-she wants to do everything that Drew does. She's trying to be independent-trying to put on her shoes and clothes. And, would rather feed herself than have us help her (which turns into a messy meal) She loves hiding things...I've found many soured milk/juice cups in random places.

Over the weekend, we had a huge kickoff to the basketball season that starts in just a few weeks. Our football team is headed for playoffs too. As the cheerleading coach I'm always looking for new ideas for the cheerleaders in football and basketball. So, what are some of your favorite traditions from High School? Let me know, I'd love to incorporate new stuff!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rough Week

Knight Drew

You know when you have an idea of how something should go in your head and it just doesn't go as planned? Yeah, I had a few of those moments this week. Tuesday we took a mid-week trip back home to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. The next day we went to UT dental school for my brother to fill a cavity on one of Drew's back teeth. The xray looked to be a minor cavity....once Dr. Cory started drilling it was deeper so, we walked away with a nice silver tooth. (not my favorite, but Drew's proud of it....) While he was getting the filling, Reese was getting very antsy, so I decided that we'd go for a drive. Well, we're driving along, following all traffic rules and BAM! a car pulls out of a gas station and hits the front right side of the car. Thankfully, we were in stop and go traffic so we weren't going fast and neither of us were hurt-Reese just bit her tongue, but the truck got hit pretty good. We pulled over into the gas station, the guy gets out and sees if we're ok, as I'm calling the police, he says "I'm just going to pull around the corner" (yeah, you know where this is going...) He takes off....but, yes, there are good people in the world and a guy got his license plate number for me. So, maybe the police will catch him. that 's my mid week craziness....

Saturday, Drew had another soccer game. Pops and Barbar and our neighbors came out to the game-fun times. Reese's new thing is to attempt a front roll, as you see in the picture. She also loves to tell you no, no, no while shaking her finger at you-funny! The afternoon was spent watching Kentucky beat LSU!!! Can you believe it?! Andy's a big UK fan-go big blue!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy 90th Birthday GG!

That's right, my grandma just turned 90 years old! We spent the weekend with the entire family celebrating this huge milestone. A stretch limo pulled up, with all grandsons inside, to pick her up-Drew gave her the corsage and "escorted" her to the limo. Precious! She was overjoyed at how many people came to celebrate this special birthday with her. Doesn't she look great?! She still drives, works in the yard, gets her hair done every Saturday, shops, and LOVES to get dressed up. She's a blessing to our family!

In the other picture, Reese is enjoying her first college football game on Dad's shoulders.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to Reese! Saturday afternoon we celebrated Reese's 1st birthday. We started the day with Drew's soccer game then had friends and family over for lunch and birthday (and some college football...) The decor was total girl-pink tule, roses, some silver pieces, and a silver tea set given to her by her great grandmother-Bubba. Last week Andy's grandfather passed away (he was 92!) so it was good to have something given to us by them at the party. I decided to make the cake (with the help of Mom when she arrived) It turned out ok but I don't think the bakery will be calling me anytime soon to decorate cakes for them! (but it tasted good!)The pink icing gave Reese a bit of a rash, which was not good since we had her 1 year pictures later that afternoon. But, all was well and it faded away in time for pictures. She enjoyed playing in the icing with her fork (she loves to play with forks and spoons...) and made a mess all over herself. I'm ready to dress her up for fall-she got some cute fall clothes and got what every girl needs a purse, jewelry, cell phone, and keys. We ended the day with a picture session in a gorgeous old town setting just out of town. Needless to say we were tired from the long day. Oops! I put two of the same picutres of Drew on and can't find a way to delete one of them?!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Walking, Soccer, and Ponytail

This week my "baby" will be turning 1! Where has the time gone?! We're having her party next week when all the family can make it to town. We've had an exciting week of firsts....Reese started walking! She's actually going from place to place, not just a few steps. She has a bit of the Frankenstien look while walking. Reese uses her toy walker as a ladder rather than a walker. Check out the picture of Reese in the brown shirt-yes, see it-her first ponytail. Pretty cute huh? She actually kept it in for the day.

Drew's also had a week of firsts...... a bad one-a cavity! What's up with that? I didn't get cavities till I was in college! Thankfully Uncle Cory is in his last year of dental school and can fix Drew up! A good one-Drew had his first soccer game. Have you ever watched 4 and 5 year olds try to play-absolutely HILARIOUS! The boys were SO cute. Notice Drew's bright blue shoes-he picked those out himself. His quote "Blue is my FAVORITE color!" Our team did not win but, he left exhausted. Drew's also got a competitive bone in him-he was not happy when the other team scored-we had to have the attitude talk. The picture is of Drew's buddy and the dad's.

Alright all you football fans.....let the games begin!! The countdown to college football is coming to an end, Pig SOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Enjoy the games this weekend!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beach trip

Last week we took a trip to the beach with some of Andy's family. We had some comical memories along the way. Like....we were renting a mini van and when Andy showed up to get it, all they had was a 12 passenger van. So....we all loaded up in the big van and took off for the beach. Funny site with 4 carseats and 6 adults. All was well at the beach until the stomach bug found me, then Andy.....not what you want on vacation. It knocked us out for a day but we were back to the beach life the next day. Drew was not a fan of going out in the ocean-he'd rather swim in the pool and build sand castles. Reese loved playing at the water's edge where the waves come in.

I talked to Brittney Saturday, she was so grateful for those of you who visited Cooper's website. Keep praying for them, they leave next week.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Check this out

Hello friends! I know, I seem to be a monthly blogger. July has been a blast-we've done lots of traveling and can't believe the summer is almost over. We start back August 1!!! Drew celebrated his birthday-pirate style. We had a treasure hunt, swords, eyepatches-the works! Reese is growing like a weed-she hates being alone and loves dropping things just so she can say "UH_OH!" Here are some recents pictures: The pirate party, Reese playing with balls-her favorite, and one of my most fabulous friend's-April and I. Lots of people think we're sisters!

This is what I hope you'll all check out....go to It's a website about Brittney (Barber) Cornwell and Tim's little 3 1/2 year old son. He is precious and has had his share of medical problems. They are basically packing up the family and moving to Tampa so Cooper can attend an intense school to help him overcome his autism. They definately need your prayers as they are having to trust God during this time. Go to the site to read more...

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog Tag

Courtney tagged me to list 100 things about me, so here goes. I must confess early that I probably won't make it to 100. Drum roll please.................

1. I love chocolate (and don't go a day without it)
2. My new favorite-special dark hersey kisses
3. I am a proud mom of Drew and Reese and wife of Andy.
4. Our kids are our entertainment-what did I do before them?!
5. We (with the help of friends) gutted and renovated a house. There is still some work to be done...any volunteers-we're pooped!
6. I coach the JV and Varsity cheerleading teams and have actually coached more years than I've taught.
7. I love the feeling of accomplishment throught the kids that I teach but do not miss the mountains of paperwork and hoops you jump through in the education system.
8. This is my second time to live in Huntsville since we've been married.
9. I love the smell of coffee-especially Starbucks, but don't like regular coffee. Frappachino for me please!
10. We've experienced a lot of "life" in our 7 years of marriage....and have stronger faith and trust in God because of it.
11. My birthday is next week.
12. So is Drew's.
13. I love the smell of the Tyler pineapple crush candle. You've got to get one!
14. I rarely pay full price for anything and will mull over paying full price.
15. I love summer days hanging out with the girls and their kids.
16. I think I always have the right and most logical answer.....
17. I miss working out at a gym...Iwould rather take an aerobics class than run.
18. I enjoy being a "coach's wife"
19. We got out of college basketball coaching...too much stress and not enough family time.
20. I along with many others at our church work with some inner city kids....we had a swimming party at a family's house-it was utter chaos-but fun.
21. I love organization.
22. I once dressed up as a mouse at a VBS in Canada. Random fact....
23. Yes, this is hard.....thus there will be some random thoughts!
24. I used to love to read but have lost the love.....
25. I updated my blog twice today. Enjoy it, I may not update for a while.
26. I wonder if you're still reading this?
27. I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago....I argued it in court (and brought my two kids with me just because I was mad) and didn't have to pay it. (but still had to pay a court fee? go figure!)
28. I'm 28.
29. I will be 29.
30. I enjoy watching the Today show in the morning...but don't get to watch it much-for some reason cartoons are on?!
31. As of two years ago I could still tumble.....
32. I haven't lived in the same town for the duration of a full pregnancy.
33. I like Milo's sweet tea.
34. I wish I were a better cook.
35. I don't really like beef. When I first cooked it I had to call and ask my Mom how to cook it.
36. Poor Andy, I only cook chicken.
37.I am hot natured.
38. I don't freak out when my kids get hurt.
39. I don't like cleaning floors. or taking the trash out
40. I have lived in my house for 2 months and have already repainted a bathroom.
41. I get frustrated with car problems.
42. My brother is in his last year of dental school....I'm looking forward to free dental work.
43.I am a positive person.
44. I'm very entergetic.
45. I don't like getting up early.
46. I love holding my kids when they are sound asleep-they are so precious.
47. I never wore braces.
48. I love our church-it's nontraditional...we meet in a warehouse, don't dress up, get out in the community, and give freely to those who need it...pretty cool.
49. My favorite ice cream is chocolate-peanut butter.
50. I enjoy home interior shows.
51. DVR is great!
52. I didn't have an epidural w/Drew...but had one with Reese.
53. We discipline our kids.
54. I get frustrated with parents who let their kids walk all over them. Show some respect please!
55. I'm not so crazy about the "maternity" style shirts....they are not real flattering, maybe I should pull out my maternity shirts?
56. I am struggling with window treatments for the kids rooms....
57. I love shopping for bargains!
58. A great Fall Saturday morning to me is.....watching some good college football games with the family.
59. I call my 89 year old grandma every Saturday...and have since college; she waits for that phone call....try it! It makes their week.
60. I tag YOU! Yes, you. :) Keep it going......

The travels of June

Wow... where do I start?! We've had an exciting, travel filled month of June. This month we've either been traveling to others or they've been coming to us! Both my parents and Andy's parents have made trips to stay with us. The first week of the month Andy had basketball practice. This was Drew's first year to stay the entire time. He loved it! (Actually, his favorite part of camp were the gatorade breaks) There have also been many hours at team camps watching the guys play.

Last week Andy, the kids, and I chaperoned several of our youth girls and guys at Impact. I've attached a picture of Drew and LU for all you Lipscomb alum! What a great experience it was-from seeing old Lipscomb friends to hearing awesome speakers and wonderful praise and worship to watching the kids get fired up about God. (However, the reliving of dorm life is something I like to leave in the past. Imagine, the whole family in one dorm room and the showers and bathrooms are way down the hall. By the way, with all the renovations on campus, we still managed to get one of the few UNrenovated rooms in Johnson...go figure! :) )

From Impact we drove to Jasper, TN-for my little brother's wedding! Awwww, it was very sweet. Cory sang and played the guitar during the wedding-so great! Of course, we enjoyed lots of catching up with the extended family too. The next day we made the trip to the Tennessee Aquarium-the kids loved seeing all the animals!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Here are my two squads at cheer camp. Aren't they cute?!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Happy Memorial Day to you! I spent last week at the beach....with 27 high school cheerleaders at cheer camp. Both teams won the home pom routine division. Way to go girls! I really enjoyed spending time with the girls getting to know them better. Reese had a great time too! She's not a fan of the beach but loved the pool. While we were off doing the beach/cheer thing Drew and Andy had a good "guys week" Drew went to the river with 5 of the high school guys and a very trustworthy set of parents who Drew adores. Should I be worried that my 3 1/2 year old is hanging out with high schoolers?! The guys were great and love him to pieces!

So here's the reason for the "Spontaneous" title As you all know, I'm not the most spontaneous person around-I like to plan and prepare for everything. So, yesterday I let some friends talk me into running the Cotton Row 5K race with them. Let me remind you that even though 3.1 miles is not that far, I have not trained one single bit for this! I was at the beach all last week and prior to that I can't remember the last time I've run more than 2 miles. Needless to say, I was not prepared and my goal was to finish. It was so hot to top things off. But, I finished just 2 1/2 minutes behind a friend who trained. Drew decided he wanted in on the racing fun so he and Andy ran the 1 mile fun run.. Andy said that half way through he was ready to quit but they kept on going. It turned out to be a fun morning hanging out with friends. Tonight we're off to a friend's for a highly competitive kickball game and cookout.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Catching up...again!

My blog stays in a constant state of catching up....kudos to you that are diligent in keeping yours updated. Well, we've had lots going on....I'll give you the quick version. Over the past few months we've been "flipping" an old house and have now moved in. The outside will be our summer project but the inside is close to being complete. We've gutted the kitchen, tore down walls, refinished all the floors, painted everything, new light fixtures.....all with the help of handy friends-you know we're not real handy! For two weeks we didn't have countertops or running water in the kitchen which made life interesting.

I'm also back in cheerleading world coaching the JV and Varsity squad. I'll be taking them to camp next week (at the beach!) Sounds pretty rough, huh?! I never got to go to the beach for camp!

My brother's getting married this summer. We were able to attend two showers in Arkansas last week and visit with family.

Reese is crawling and pulling up...I have to keep my eye on her! Drew has the big end of the year school program at preschool next week...he's directing a song-that should be a hoot!

FYI....check out They have cute free cards to send out for every occaision. Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Brother and Sister

How cute is that?! I just had to post the picture! Drew thought it was so funny that his sister was wearing his hat. Earlier that day Reese was playing with one of her favorite toys- a bowl. Yes, she has tons of cute baby toys but finds joy and contentment in the simple things-bowls, paper, and anything Drew has..... Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Build a Bear

Last week we took Drew to the Grand Opening of Build

a Bear in Huntsville. One of my cheerleaders works there and asked us to come. Drew loved it! It can be an expensive experience but thanks to Lauren, we had a 20% off coupon. Drew enjoyed stuffing the bear and watching the the excess stuffing fly everywhere. Meet "super Bawa" our bear. He's named after one of Drew's favorite b-ball players. Reese had a blast watching the process from the stroller. She'll get a turn once she's a little older!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Growing Family

No, No....I'm NOT pregnant!! Cory popped the big question......My brother is engaged and getting married this summer! How exciting. Welcome to the family Amanda. He met a wonderful girl, Amanda at dental school and they are getting married June 23. Drew is going to be the ring bearer. Reese will be just a bit too young to do anything. The wedding will be in Jasper, TN-just outside of Chattanooga. In all the excitment of the tournament I forgot to share the news...sorry bro!

Monday, March 05, 2007

State Champs!

What a month it has been. Let me start with the most exciting news...Andy's team won the Alabama state championship game this weekend. Go Mustangs! By the way, the game was looking bleak in the 3rd quarter-we were down by 16 but the guys made a huge come back and won the game. This is a great group of guys who have worked so hard and truly deserve the honor.

Other news...Reese is now 6 months old. She entertains herself by watching Drew's every move and belly laughing at him. She's squealing and buzzing, just trying to talk like crazy. She can sit for short times by herself, then decides to crash to her stomach. Reese still enjoys the 3am wake up call-she's up screaming and squealing, and fights going back to sleep. Now I know some of you say, just let her cry it out but.....slight problem.....we're in an apartment AND she's in the same room with Drew?!!!!!!! Good news..we're moving in one month and I look forward to the day of no 3am wake up calls.

Drew was living up the state championship win-the players came and got him and took him onto the court for the celebration on the court, to the press conference, and to the locker room. Andy was proudly walking with the state championship trophy in one hand and Drew's action figure he left behind in the other. Drew loves his basketball boys and says when he grows up he's going to coach like his dad-how precious!

And for me...I'm good. It's been a fun basketball season this year and a blessing to be back in Alabama. Next year I'm going to jump back into the cheerleading world and coach the JV and Varsity teams. Fun times!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year's on the Beach

We had a wonderful New Year's on the beach! Some of our dear friends got married and Andy performed the ceremony. Just before the wedding the rain cleared and the waters calmed-what an answered prayer! On New Year's day we woke up and took a family walk on the beach-it was a great family moment! Drew collected feathers and shells and Reese watched. Happy New Year to all! I've also added some other cute pictures from the week. My eyes are looking rough in the beach pic, but the rest of the family looks cute!