Thursday, October 26, 2006

Visits from Friends

On Tuesday, Jamie and April came to Huntsville to meet Reese. We enjoyed lunch at Atlanta Bread Company and spent time catching up at our house. Drew and Russ had fun together even though Drew continued to "tell" on Russ. It's good to get back together with friends from Lipscomb. Drew took the picture for us-he loves taking pictures! He did pretty good didn't he?!

By the way, do you know anyone looking for a house in Lewisburg or Fairview, TN? Jamie and I both have a house for sale in each city. Let us know, we need to sell them! :) Halloween is just around the corner-Drew changes his mind daily on what he's going to be but let's hope he wants to be Superman on Tuesday because that's what we bought.

The other picture is of the kids with my parents.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Fall weather, leaves changing colors, and.... a family trip to the pumpkin patch! On Friday we made a family trip to the pumpkin patch. Tate farms is not your average pumpkin patch. It's packed with fun things to do: the cotton jump, animals to pet and hold, a corn maze, a playground, a hay maze, corn to play in, and my favorite-a hayride to the pumpkin field to find the perfect pumpkin. Drew absolutely loved it-he was all over the place trying to fit everything in. Drew had a tough time picking the "perfect" pumpkin- way to many choices! Reese enjoyed the outing- she was laying cozy in her stroller. Tate farms also has a Lipscomb connection for all you alumni. Remember Greg Watson? He married one of the Tate daughters this summer. Greg's a coach at Hazel Green High School. Just a little FYI. Happy Fall to all!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wooooooooooo-Pig Sooie!!

How about those Arkansas Razorbacks?! They just pulled off a big win against #2 Auburn!! Since we live in Alabama, I get a lot of flack about not being a Auburn or Alabama fan. Well, I'm proud to say that the Razorbacks have beat both Auburn and Alabama this year!! Oh, the headlines in the papers in the morning......Go Hogs!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The kids

Drew loves his "super heroes" He plays with them all the time. Drew has learned to make every inch of the apartment a playground. His power rangers were hanging and hiding in the bathroom cabinets. It was hilarious-I walked in the bathroom and there was a super hero hanging out of every cabinet and drawer.

Milestones for Reese...she can hold herself up really well at 4 weeks old! Check her out!

a visit to Tennessee

Reese got to meet her Great grandmother, Bubba and great aunt Rebekah. I'm so thankful that the kids know their great grandmothers- mine passed before I was born. Here's a picture of Amy, Anna, Stacy, Reese, Bubba, Rebekah, and Drew.

Also on our whirlwind trip we also visited with several of our Clarksville friends- Casey, friends at Sango (where I taught last year), and Drew saw his friends at Hope's house. Hopefully we'll get to see more people on our next trip. On the way home we stopped by Mandi's house to visit. Mandi let Reese borrow lots of her girls clothes-thanks! Reese is modeling one of the dresses in the picture!

10 years later...

OK-this will be blog overload-we've been busy over the past 2 weeks and I haven't had a chance to catch up! Two weeks ago I attended my 10 year high school reunion-dear old Jonesboro High... It's hard to believe it's been 10 years-I feel so "grown up." I hate to say that I haven't kept in close touch with high school friends so, seeing them and catching up was great! Friday night we had a BBQ and went to the ball game, Saturday morning several of the girls got together at a local coffee shop (this was my favorite event) and that night we had a couples only night at a local club. I loved meeting husbands, wives, and children of classmates and finding out what everyone is doing and is living.

The pictures are: Reese and her great grandma and the girls 10 years later.