Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Receiving the 2nd place trophy at State Tournament
Coach Drew and Cheerleader Reese

Mom and Drew after the Fun Run-Drew ran 35 laps-he had a blast!

Our good friend Dasha who was back here visiting from Iceland. We hosted a baby shower for her.

Reese and I went to Build a Bear and she made "Monkey." Monkey is dressed in a Little Mermaid outfit. Monkey goes everywhere with us.

Blogger Slacker, I know....

Basketball has officially ended. Andy's team made it to the State Finals. The past 2 years he's coached, they've won State. This year, they came up 8 points short. But, what a great team we had and we couldn't be prouder of them. Our girls team also made it to the finals and they lost a heartbreaker. Last week we spent the week w/Andy in B-ham-the kids thought it was vacation for them. What more could you want than an indoor pool, the entire girls and boys basketball teams just few doors down, and no set bed time. As we came home I heard several times, let's go hotel, not home...

Drew started soccer this week and we will soon start to attack the "to do" list that was avoided during the season. I think Andy is still looking for excuses to avoid it.... Spring is coming-warm weather and flip flops-yes!