Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Times at the Beach

On Sunday, we returned home from a week at the beach with my family. My parents, brother and his wife, and our family all went together. Remember pre-kids when going to the beach meant sleeping in late and spending ALL day laying around on the beach with no responsibility? Not so much anymore. But we wouldn't trade it, right?

Drew and Reese had a great time. Drew enjoyed "riding the waves" on his Spiderman board and Reese enjoyed the water and filling her bucket with sand. We spent most of our time going from pool to pool to beach to water..... My brother brought the kyak (sp?) on the trip-the guys caught some good waves after the morning storm.

Dinner each night was an experience- Reese was still restless in the restaraunts and she, like her mother, is very loud... Her best came at Old Navy while shopping-she had a fit. I think the people thought she was crazy. Needless to say, they were glad to see us leave the store.

At night we enjoyed sitting on the porch playing intense games of memory and coloring, and catching crabs. (By the way, the crabs are much smaller and harder to catch than I ever remember). We only had one morning of rain and nobody came home with a bad sunburn.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.