Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Break & October

Just before Fall Break we celebrated Grandparents Day-it's a BIG day at the kid's school. So glad Papaw and Jo were able to come. The first 2 days of fall break were spent organizing and cleaning out the house/garage-much needed after the move. Mid week, we went to Arkansas to visit family and celebrate my Dad's birthday. Our last adventure for the week was a 1 day trip to Chattanooga to the Children's Musuem with Matthew's family. The kids had a blast together!

Pictures: Grandparents Day, GG and Reese at Chick fil A (GG is a mere 92 years old-doesn't she look GREAT?!) the crew at the Children's museum, Reese and her 2 favorite books-read them every night!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'll catch up a little

bit from August and September...... School has started and both Drew and Reese LOVE school and their teachers. The 1st major event of August-we moved! We love our new house and are blessed to have lots of friends in the neighborhood and kids to play with. Reese celebrated her 3rd birthday and got a Princess jeep. After taking out a friend's toe, running into a tree and a couple of other things....she's got the driving thing down. Drew lost his 1st tooth on Sept. 26. The tooth fairy was very gracious and left him $5. Two days later he lost his 2nd tooth and got $2. Love that cute gap in his teeth!

Our Fall Break is over and we've had a great week.......I'll update.....sometime :)