Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy 90th Birthday GG!

That's right, my grandma just turned 90 years old! We spent the weekend with the entire family celebrating this huge milestone. A stretch limo pulled up, with all grandsons inside, to pick her up-Drew gave her the corsage and "escorted" her to the limo. Precious! She was overjoyed at how many people came to celebrate this special birthday with her. Doesn't she look great?! She still drives, works in the yard, gets her hair done every Saturday, shops, and LOVES to get dressed up. She's a blessing to our family!

In the other picture, Reese is enjoying her first college football game on Dad's shoulders.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to Reese! Saturday afternoon we celebrated Reese's 1st birthday. We started the day with Drew's soccer game then had friends and family over for lunch and birthday (and some college football...) The decor was total girl-pink tule, roses, some silver pieces, and a silver tea set given to her by her great grandmother-Bubba. Last week Andy's grandfather passed away (he was 92!) so it was good to have something given to us by them at the party. I decided to make the cake (with the help of Mom when she arrived) It turned out ok but I don't think the bakery will be calling me anytime soon to decorate cakes for them! (but it tasted good!)The pink icing gave Reese a bit of a rash, which was not good since we had her 1 year pictures later that afternoon. But, all was well and it faded away in time for pictures. She enjoyed playing in the icing with her fork (she loves to play with forks and spoons...) and made a mess all over herself. I'm ready to dress her up for fall-she got some cute fall clothes and got what every girl needs a purse, jewelry, cell phone, and keys. We ended the day with a picture session in a gorgeous old town setting just out of town. Needless to say we were tired from the long day. Oops! I put two of the same picutres of Drew on and can't find a way to delete one of them?!