Saturday, May 31, 2008

Traveling....around the world

Just before Andy left for Africa
At the park with Barbar
Ice cream break
Jackpot at Chuck E. Cheese!
Dr. Coco and his assistant

On May 20, Andy and others from his school went on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa for nine days. One of Andy's basketball players is from Ghana. Bawa (his player) was so excited to take his friends to his homeland and meet his family and the people from his village. It was humbling for them to see just how little so many people had; even so they are happy. On the trip they did lots of traveling, handed out bibles, money, supplies and clothes, and worked/helped at an orphanage. Andy was ready to bring home a sweet kid from the orphanage-having kids, it was tough to see them in that situation. There were 47 kids living in 3 bedrooms and the drinking water looked like dirty lake water. The kids and I have loved hearing the stories....

While Andy was gone we stayed busy...the kids could sense that he was gone and they were very clingy all week. We stayed in town for the first few days to work and play baseball then, we were off to Andy's parents for the weekend. I was a bit sick so the extra help was great! We cooked out, visited our old church, and went to the park to feed ducks and play. The ducks were a bit crazy-one even bit my leg-thank goodness I had jeans on. Barbar kept the kids so I could go to lunch and hang out with a good friend-thanks for the break, it was much needed!

Then we took off for my parents house-more time at the park and a big day at Chuck E Cheese. Drew racked up on a game and got 125 tickets-he was excited. At the park Reese spent most of her time going to every swing to swing-she loves them!

Last stop-Memphis. My brother graduated from UT Dental school-way to go Dr. Cory!! We celebrated at a delicious Italian restaurant then spent the night at Uncle CoCo and Aunt Amanda's. Amanda and I spent our time planning the decor for the soon to be nursery for cousing Allie!

Andy's home now and last night went to dinner and we made the ever exciting grocery trip as a family-which was not smooth sailing. The past two days of hanging out as a family have been great-we missed Andy! Next week we're looking forward to working an FCA camp-have a good week!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The birds

I'm not a huge pet fan. Now don't get me wrong, some of you have some adorable pets, but they are just not for me in this phase of life. So, I want to tell you of our version of pets. On our front door I have a decorative planter w/fake greenery. Well, a bird liked it so much that it decided to build a nest in it. Over the past two months we have enjoyed watching the bird build it's nest, lay eggs, and now the eggs have hatched. At first there were four, but two fell out of the nest and Andy had to "bury" them. Drew was sad and prayed that the came back to life-sweet. We've enjoyed watching them grow and they look like they will fly away any day. Since they are on our front door, everyone has to use the side door to come into the house. (I have visions of birds flying in the house-not good) So, that's our educational bird story.

Last week a few of the LU girls got together in Nashville to catch up and meet Ms. McKinley, April's baby. It was so good to hang out and catch up. The kids had fun too!
Also last week my sister in law graduated from dental hygeine school. Isn't she cute-she's about 20 weeks pregnant and will find out Friday what she's having.