Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls

Our visit to Santa's Village

The halls have been decked, now the blog is decked....fa, la, la

This is our first year in the new house-Santa recieved our change of address and we are counting down till Christmas morning! Now that I've got some more space, I'll be adding to the decor in the years to come. My 9 ft. tree was so excited to be back up this year-the last 2 years he was too tall for the other house:(
Our living room tree-red and lime green

Drew's: sports Reese's-all girl-ballerina slippers

Our bedroom-brown and golds; to be a Jesus tree, once I find/make the ornaments of names of Jesus. We wanted to do something to focus on Jesus for our family

As Christmas nears, we'll spend some time making Christmas goodies, go to lots of basketball games, and travel some to see all the family.

A few other holiday moments....our gingerbread house and the 1st snow of the season (Reese was not a huge fan of the snow ans you can tell)