Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls

Our visit to Santa's Village

The halls have been decked, now the blog is decked....fa, la, la

This is our first year in the new house-Santa recieved our change of address and we are counting down till Christmas morning! Now that I've got some more space, I'll be adding to the decor in the years to come. My 9 ft. tree was so excited to be back up this year-the last 2 years he was too tall for the other house:(
Our living room tree-red and lime green

Drew's: sports Reese's-all girl-ballerina slippers

Our bedroom-brown and golds; to be a Jesus tree, once I find/make the ornaments of names of Jesus. We wanted to do something to focus on Jesus for our family

As Christmas nears, we'll spend some time making Christmas goodies, go to lots of basketball games, and travel some to see all the family.

A few other holiday moments....our gingerbread house and the 1st snow of the season (Reese was not a huge fan of the snow ans you can tell)

Monday, November 09, 2009


Looking back on Halloween...... The kids had a blast. The week of halloween we carved pumpkins. Reese just wanted to paint hers-she did not want to cut her pumpkin. We took our pirate and bumblebee over to a family's house (along with 40 other people)

and had a delicious soup supper then loaded up in the trailer and hit the neighborhood trick or treating.

MA's big fundraiser was this past weekend-it was a success. So many people put SO MUCH time and effort into the event. What a blessing it is to have worked on the fundraiser with so many who sacrifice their time.

Praying for Reese to feel better-she's a little feverish......oh the fun of being sick......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Break & October

Just before Fall Break we celebrated Grandparents Day-it's a BIG day at the kid's school. So glad Papaw and Jo were able to come. The first 2 days of fall break were spent organizing and cleaning out the house/garage-much needed after the move. Mid week, we went to Arkansas to visit family and celebrate my Dad's birthday. Our last adventure for the week was a 1 day trip to Chattanooga to the Children's Musuem with Matthew's family. The kids had a blast together!

Pictures: Grandparents Day, GG and Reese at Chick fil A (GG is a mere 92 years old-doesn't she look GREAT?!) the crew at the Children's museum, Reese and her 2 favorite books-read them every night!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'll catch up a little

bit from August and September...... School has started and both Drew and Reese LOVE school and their teachers. The 1st major event of August-we moved! We love our new house and are blessed to have lots of friends in the neighborhood and kids to play with. Reese celebrated her 3rd birthday and got a Princess jeep. After taking out a friend's toe, running into a tree and a couple of other things....she's got the driving thing down. Drew lost his 1st tooth on Sept. 26. The tooth fairy was very gracious and left him $5. Two days later he lost his 2nd tooth and got $2. Love that cute gap in his teeth!

Our Fall Break is over and we've had a great week.......I'll update.....sometime :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

School and Moving!

Last week the kids started back to school. Reese is going part time to school while I sub at the big school. Drew's also started playing flag football, which he LOVES.

We also SOLD our house to some good friends who are moving back from Iceland and we have found a wonderful house to move into. What a blessing our little house has been to us and we can't wait to visit Sy and Dasha when they are here.

I've been busy buying old furniture and re-doing it. I have done Drew's headboard, Reese's headboard, 2 chairs, and a side table. Definately a "trash to treasure" experience. (However, I am very sore and tired from sanding..........)

It was also Andy's birthday this week. He does not like to make a big deal for birthdays. But me, I love to celebrate. Our small group at church had dinner at a friend's that night-she blew up Andy's high school basketball picture and had it displayed in the foyer. SO FUNNY- another friend added some funny comments too. He was very surprised. Brian also gave him one of those lights you wear on your he doesn't run into any more brick walls in the dark at the gym and have to make another ER visit.

You know the Lone Star song " blond hair, blue eyed girl with her shoes on wrong.....from my front porch looking in....." That's Reese-nver has her shoes on the right feet. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Congratulations Coach Meyer

Did anyone watch the ESPN ESPY Awards a few days ago? Coach Don Meyer, who Andy played for at Lipscomb, was awarded the 2009 Jimmy V Award. He also has set the record for the most wins by any college coach. He has an amazing story with what's he's gone through and is going through-I've linked the video on You Tube. It's definately worth taking a few minutes to watch.


We are just having so much fun this summer that I have not been updating my blog. Summer started with Andy going on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa. They worked at an orphange with 48 precious kids that live in a 3 bedroom house-bunk beds are 3 high for the kids. Very happy kids and always gratful for the visits from others.

We went to the beach with Andy's family-that's a total of 17 people, 7 of which are kids 5 and under, in one big happy beach house. It was great-so neat to see the cousins together! Reese was not happy on picture night as you can tell....

July 4 was spent with friends cooking out and enjoying their neighborhood bike parade, desserts, and fireworks.

Also that week I officailly turned 30 something-31 and Drew had his fun 6th birthday party. He had a fabulous skating party-that's the cool thing in his class right now. Even Reese can skate on her Barbie skates. Shortly after the candles were blown out, my camera took a nose dive off the table. I got a new one that I'm still trying to get used to.

Other than that, we've that we have spent our free time at the pool, traveling
to visit family, VBS, work..... School starts in just 2 weeks-wow. Also, we are house hunting in town-looking for the perfect deal with some more space!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sigh.......Our baby graduated from Kindergarten. WOW.......... Drew' school does a big and wonderful Graduation Cermony-real caps, gowns, the whole real deal!! After Graduation we celebrated in Kindergarten style-lunch at Red Robin with his buddies from class and playing in the water spouts at Bridge Street. He also got a DS and a game. A perfect day in the life of a 5 year old.

Saturday, we spent the day with my parents, Amanda's family, and Cory and his family, moving their stuff to storage and grilling out. The rest of the weekend we went to the high school graduation and ended the holiday with a trip to the lake with lots of friends from MA. I survived the tubing-only thrown off twice. (great efforts were made to throw off us "big girls" in front of the high schoolers!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 2009

Below-Kerron, one of Andy's players was named Mr. Basketball for the State-That evening we went to dinner with his family to celebrate. HUGE Accomplishment! We are blessed that Andy's players let our kids "hang out" with them. They love the "basketball boys" as Reese calls them. Look for him at Belmont on the court next year.

Easter Sunday-We had a great time of worship with our church family then joined our "adoptive" family for Easter lunch and the "Great Egg Hunt" We have some dear friends that we spend holidays with when we don't get to travel to see our families. This year the Easter bunny brought roller skates. Luckliy, no broken bones yet!

Drew is playing soccer this spring and loving it. Last week we had a warm day and Drew broke in his new swim suit at the water spouts at an outdoor mall we were at. Reese passed, it was a little too cold for her.

Saturday we traveled to Pops and BarBar and spent time with 2 of our cousins. The girls are 8 weeks apart and had lots of fun together (except for the few "girl fights" over sharing....:) )

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Receiving the 2nd place trophy at State Tournament
Coach Drew and Cheerleader Reese

Mom and Drew after the Fun Run-Drew ran 35 laps-he had a blast!

Our good friend Dasha who was back here visiting from Iceland. We hosted a baby shower for her.

Reese and I went to Build a Bear and she made "Monkey." Monkey is dressed in a Little Mermaid outfit. Monkey goes everywhere with us.

Blogger Slacker, I know....

Basketball has officially ended. Andy's team made it to the State Finals. The past 2 years he's coached, they've won State. This year, they came up 8 points short. But, what a great team we had and we couldn't be prouder of them. Our girls team also made it to the finals and they lost a heartbreaker. Last week we spent the week w/Andy in B-ham-the kids thought it was vacation for them. What more could you want than an indoor pool, the entire girls and boys basketball teams just few doors down, and no set bed time. As we came home I heard several times, let's go hotel, not home...

Drew started soccer this week and we will soon start to attack the "to do" list that was avoided during the season. I think Andy is still looking for excuses to avoid it.... Spring is coming-warm weather and flip flops-yes!