Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog Tag

Courtney tagged me to list 100 things about me, so here goes. I must confess early that I probably won't make it to 100. Drum roll please.................

1. I love chocolate (and don't go a day without it)
2. My new favorite-special dark hersey kisses
3. I am a proud mom of Drew and Reese and wife of Andy.
4. Our kids are our entertainment-what did I do before them?!
5. We (with the help of friends) gutted and renovated a house. There is still some work to be done...any volunteers-we're pooped!
6. I coach the JV and Varsity cheerleading teams and have actually coached more years than I've taught.
7. I love the feeling of accomplishment throught the kids that I teach but do not miss the mountains of paperwork and hoops you jump through in the education system.
8. This is my second time to live in Huntsville since we've been married.
9. I love the smell of coffee-especially Starbucks, but don't like regular coffee. Frappachino for me please!
10. We've experienced a lot of "life" in our 7 years of marriage....and have stronger faith and trust in God because of it.
11. My birthday is next week.
12. So is Drew's.
13. I love the smell of the Tyler pineapple crush candle. You've got to get one!
14. I rarely pay full price for anything and will mull over paying full price.
15. I love summer days hanging out with the girls and their kids.
16. I think I always have the right and most logical answer.....
17. I miss working out at a gym...Iwould rather take an aerobics class than run.
18. I enjoy being a "coach's wife"
19. We got out of college basketball coaching...too much stress and not enough family time.
20. I along with many others at our church work with some inner city kids....we had a swimming party at a family's house-it was utter chaos-but fun.
21. I love organization.
22. I once dressed up as a mouse at a VBS in Canada. Random fact....
23. Yes, this is hard.....thus there will be some random thoughts!
24. I used to love to read but have lost the love.....
25. I updated my blog twice today. Enjoy it, I may not update for a while.
26. I wonder if you're still reading this?
27. I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago....I argued it in court (and brought my two kids with me just because I was mad) and didn't have to pay it. (but still had to pay a court fee? go figure!)
28. I'm 28.
29. I will be 29.
30. I enjoy watching the Today show in the morning...but don't get to watch it much-for some reason cartoons are on?!
31. As of two years ago I could still tumble.....
32. I haven't lived in the same town for the duration of a full pregnancy.
33. I like Milo's sweet tea.
34. I wish I were a better cook.
35. I don't really like beef. When I first cooked it I had to call and ask my Mom how to cook it.
36. Poor Andy, I only cook chicken.
37.I am hot natured.
38. I don't freak out when my kids get hurt.
39. I don't like cleaning floors. or taking the trash out
40. I have lived in my house for 2 months and have already repainted a bathroom.
41. I get frustrated with car problems.
42. My brother is in his last year of dental school....I'm looking forward to free dental work.
43.I am a positive person.
44. I'm very entergetic.
45. I don't like getting up early.
46. I love holding my kids when they are sound asleep-they are so precious.
47. I never wore braces.
48. I love our church-it's nontraditional...we meet in a warehouse, don't dress up, get out in the community, and give freely to those who need it...pretty cool.
49. My favorite ice cream is chocolate-peanut butter.
50. I enjoy home interior shows.
51. DVR is great!
52. I didn't have an epidural w/Drew...but had one with Reese.
53. We discipline our kids.
54. I get frustrated with parents who let their kids walk all over them. Show some respect please!
55. I'm not so crazy about the "maternity" style shirts....they are not real flattering, maybe I should pull out my maternity shirts?
56. I am struggling with window treatments for the kids rooms....
57. I love shopping for bargains!
58. A great Fall Saturday morning to me is.....watching some good college football games with the family.
59. I call my 89 year old grandma every Saturday...and have since college; she waits for that phone call....try it! It makes their week.
60. I tag YOU! Yes, you. :) Keep it going......

The travels of June

Wow... where do I start?! We've had an exciting, travel filled month of June. This month we've either been traveling to others or they've been coming to us! Both my parents and Andy's parents have made trips to stay with us. The first week of the month Andy had basketball practice. This was Drew's first year to stay the entire time. He loved it! (Actually, his favorite part of camp were the gatorade breaks) There have also been many hours at team camps watching the guys play.

Last week Andy, the kids, and I chaperoned several of our youth girls and guys at Impact. I've attached a picture of Drew and LU for all you Lipscomb alum! What a great experience it was-from seeing old Lipscomb friends to hearing awesome speakers and wonderful praise and worship to watching the kids get fired up about God. (However, the reliving of dorm life is something I like to leave in the past. Imagine, the whole family in one dorm room and the showers and bathrooms are way down the hall. By the way, with all the renovations on campus, we still managed to get one of the few UNrenovated rooms in Johnson...go figure! :) )

From Impact we drove to Jasper, TN-for my little brother's wedding! Awwww, it was very sweet. Cory sang and played the guitar during the wedding-so great! Of course, we enjoyed lots of catching up with the extended family too. The next day we made the trip to the Tennessee Aquarium-the kids loved seeing all the animals!!