Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's been going on in March?

It's time for the monthly update. Courtney, this one's for you! :) I have officially started my part time job with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and am loving it! It's a bit chaotic with two major fundraisers coming up to plan for and I'm still involved with cheerleading-it's keeping me busy! Reese has started "school" (I prefer the name school over daycare) Her favorite thing is the slide in her classroom-she squeals (happy) when we pull in the parking lot. Drew has started his first year of t-ball. As you know, we're a basketball family so, the baseball stuff is foreign to us and our friends are getting a good laugh at our lack of knowledge of baseball.

Last week was Spring Break so we made a trip to each of the grandparents house and as usual the kids were spoiled and we were able to slack off in parenting. We spent the break playing outside and watching lots of basketball. Guess what, Reese had her first night away from home too! One of our fabulous basketball parents kept the kids overnight. We slept, in silence, till 8am-it was amazing!!

Easter morning we awoke to chilly weather and baskets from the Easter bunny and grandparents. (um, the grandparents brought more than the bunny....) On Easter Sunday we went to church with my parents. At church there were live bunnies and chics in cages in the hallways and the Easter Bunny delivered eggs to the kids. After church we went to my 90 year old Grandma's for Easter lunch and an indoor egg hunt.

Bragging moment....Andy was named coach of the year! He's so modest about it, but I'm so proud of him. What an honor! Well, I have lots of pictures to post, but it's not letting me.....pics to come!