Sunday, August 16, 2009

School and Moving!

Last week the kids started back to school. Reese is going part time to school while I sub at the big school. Drew's also started playing flag football, which he LOVES.

We also SOLD our house to some good friends who are moving back from Iceland and we have found a wonderful house to move into. What a blessing our little house has been to us and we can't wait to visit Sy and Dasha when they are here.

I've been busy buying old furniture and re-doing it. I have done Drew's headboard, Reese's headboard, 2 chairs, and a side table. Definately a "trash to treasure" experience. (However, I am very sore and tired from sanding..........)

It was also Andy's birthday this week. He does not like to make a big deal for birthdays. But me, I love to celebrate. Our small group at church had dinner at a friend's that night-she blew up Andy's high school basketball picture and had it displayed in the foyer. SO FUNNY- another friend added some funny comments too. He was very surprised. Brian also gave him one of those lights you wear on your he doesn't run into any more brick walls in the dark at the gym and have to make another ER visit.

You know the Lone Star song " blond hair, blue eyed girl with her shoes on wrong.....from my front porch looking in....." That's Reese-nver has her shoes on the right feet. Enjoy the pics!