Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all! We took some pictures this morning. Now the kids can enjoy trick or treating without me trying to take pictures every two minutes! Enjoy your halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drew receiving his medal and trophy from his soccer coach

We've had a good few weeks since I've posted last. Drew finished his first soccer season. We're not so sure what the team's final record was but, Drew thinks they won the championship. He had his team party over the weekend-he's very proud of his medal and trophy. Reese is at a fun age-she wants to do everything that Drew does. She's trying to be independent-trying to put on her shoes and clothes. And, would rather feed herself than have us help her (which turns into a messy meal) She loves hiding things...I've found many soured milk/juice cups in random places.

Over the weekend, we had a huge kickoff to the basketball season that starts in just a few weeks. Our football team is headed for playoffs too. As the cheerleading coach I'm always looking for new ideas for the cheerleaders in football and basketball. So, what are some of your favorite traditions from High School? Let me know, I'd love to incorporate new stuff!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rough Week

Knight Drew

You know when you have an idea of how something should go in your head and it just doesn't go as planned? Yeah, I had a few of those moments this week. Tuesday we took a mid-week trip back home to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. The next day we went to UT dental school for my brother to fill a cavity on one of Drew's back teeth. The xray looked to be a minor cavity....once Dr. Cory started drilling it was deeper so, we walked away with a nice silver tooth. (not my favorite, but Drew's proud of it....) While he was getting the filling, Reese was getting very antsy, so I decided that we'd go for a drive. Well, we're driving along, following all traffic rules and BAM! a car pulls out of a gas station and hits the front right side of the car. Thankfully, we were in stop and go traffic so we weren't going fast and neither of us were hurt-Reese just bit her tongue, but the truck got hit pretty good. We pulled over into the gas station, the guy gets out and sees if we're ok, as I'm calling the police, he says "I'm just going to pull around the corner" (yeah, you know where this is going...) He takes off....but, yes, there are good people in the world and a guy got his license plate number for me. So, maybe the police will catch him. that 's my mid week craziness....

Saturday, Drew had another soccer game. Pops and Barbar and our neighbors came out to the game-fun times. Reese's new thing is to attempt a front roll, as you see in the picture. She also loves to tell you no, no, no while shaking her finger at you-funny! The afternoon was spent watching Kentucky beat LSU!!! Can you believe it?! Andy's a big UK fan-go big blue!!!!!