Friday, April 25, 2008

Take me out to the Ballpark

Last night was opening night for the big time league of Red Sox T-ball. What an experience t-ball is-it's our weekly source of comic relief. The kids are SO cute and funny! Drew did well last night-his favorite moment was running into home and adding a spin move before tagging base. The game only had 4 inings-everybody gets to hit in each inning. He played catcher and 2nd base-no outs at the bases, but he chased one down with the ball. We even had some friends from Iceland come out for the game-one of our good friends is from Iceland and his parents and sister are in the States for a week. After the game we went to their house and grilled out. I evn tried lamb last night.....(not sure that I'll be making it at home anytime soon)

Reese is on her way to be a gymnast. We were in a store this week and she has hanging and swinging from the empty clothes rack. She got a tricycle this week and loves being pused around on it. She is at such a fun age-she's really trying to talk and trys to do everything Drew does.

Other work we just had a huge banquet with FCA last week and we are hosting a golf tournament tommorrow. I'm loving my new part time job and looking forward to the summer...we have events with Tony Dungee, Bobby Bowden, and Rick Burgess (Rick and Bubba show). Being an huge sports fan-you know I'm so excited to be among "greats" that are Christians! In the next few weeks Andy's off to Africa for a mission trip. They're taking about 25 kids from school. The group will be traveling to the hometown of one of his basketball players.

Pictures: Reese hanging on clothes rack, Drew's first bat, Reese in an outfit I made (with the help of my mom), and the girls at my friend's 30th birthday party.
Have a blessed week!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pictures are some pictures from March. My "security" on the computer wouldn't let me upload pictures. Anyways, here are som pictures from Spring Break-trip to grandparents...from the topDrew and Reese w/their 90 1/2 year old Great grandmother, Reese saying Cheese!!, the kids playing in Uncle Co Co's truck, us at Easter, the kids eating at Rainforest.
This week has been CRAZY....Andy has been Super Dad this week. I working FCA and ran cheerleading tryouts this week which meant not much time at home.....I'm looking forward to next week with some down time with Andy and the kids...