Sunday, January 20, 2008


Life is precious. I've been to two funeral visitations and last night the son of some close family friends died last night. At church today we had a couple come and speak and bring their daughter who has been in a comma for the past 5 years after incorrect medicine dosages to her by medical professional. These moments make you appreciate and love the everyday moments-playing candyland, reading books, going to the store, cleaning the floors 8 times a day, and changing diapers. I love the song Blessed be the name of the Lord-how true it is of life...

So Drew has had his first official tv debut....A local station did a segment on Drew and how he helps Dad coach. For those of you who haven't been around Drew....he loves going to basketball practice-I take him nearly everyday. He is so much like Andy-he runs with them, yells at them, calls plays, draws up plays on the whiteboard. The segment was precious-one of those you treasure. Not to be outdone by her brother....Reese just got a new cheerleading outfit and showed it off at the ball game and was a show stopper. Jennifer and Charlie even came by to catch a little basketball-thanks for coming-as always I love seeing you when you're in town.

Rewinding to last weekend....we actually didn't have a ballgame so, we went to the Lipscomb/Belmont game at LU. It was great to see some of you-Mandi and Clancy sat with us, and I caught Rebecca, Eric, and the girls on the way out. It was a great game-but Lipscomb lost in double overtime. Yeah, campus has changed-Starbucks, renovated dorms, new buildings....very nice.

Umm....I couldn't get the picture to rotate!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

more pictures

A few more pictures...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The holidays have been fun for us. Since Andy coaches basketball and there are always games during the we make some quick trips to see all the family in different states. Christmas was a week long event!(which the kids loved!) We went Papaw and Jo's for a few days, came home so Santa could visit, and then off to see Pops and Barbar. Santa brought Drew the power rangers and transformer he asked for and Reese got two baby dolls with the stroller, carriage, and swing. At Pops and Barbar's, Drew and Reese had a blast with their 4 cousins-it's great to have cousins close in age! We brought New Year's in with several families-and we celebrated with the Eastern time zone at 11:00 -the kids had hats, blowers, and streamers. Reflecting on the year, it's amazing to see so many blessings ....Happy 2008!