Monday, March 26, 2007

Brother and Sister

How cute is that?! I just had to post the picture! Drew thought it was so funny that his sister was wearing his hat. Earlier that day Reese was playing with one of her favorite toys- a bowl. Yes, she has tons of cute baby toys but finds joy and contentment in the simple things-bowls, paper, and anything Drew has..... Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Build a Bear

Last week we took Drew to the Grand Opening of Build

a Bear in Huntsville. One of my cheerleaders works there and asked us to come. Drew loved it! It can be an expensive experience but thanks to Lauren, we had a 20% off coupon. Drew enjoyed stuffing the bear and watching the the excess stuffing fly everywhere. Meet "super Bawa" our bear. He's named after one of Drew's favorite b-ball players. Reese had a blast watching the process from the stroller. She'll get a turn once she's a little older!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Growing Family

No, No....I'm NOT pregnant!! Cory popped the big question......My brother is engaged and getting married this summer! How exciting. Welcome to the family Amanda. He met a wonderful girl, Amanda at dental school and they are getting married June 23. Drew is going to be the ring bearer. Reese will be just a bit too young to do anything. The wedding will be in Jasper, TN-just outside of Chattanooga. In all the excitment of the tournament I forgot to share the news...sorry bro!

Monday, March 05, 2007

State Champs!

What a month it has been. Let me start with the most exciting news...Andy's team won the Alabama state championship game this weekend. Go Mustangs! By the way, the game was looking bleak in the 3rd quarter-we were down by 16 but the guys made a huge come back and won the game. This is a great group of guys who have worked so hard and truly deserve the honor.

Other news...Reese is now 6 months old. She entertains herself by watching Drew's every move and belly laughing at him. She's squealing and buzzing, just trying to talk like crazy. She can sit for short times by herself, then decides to crash to her stomach. Reese still enjoys the 3am wake up call-she's up screaming and squealing, and fights going back to sleep. Now I know some of you say, just let her cry it out but.....slight problem.....we're in an apartment AND she's in the same room with Drew?!!!!!!! Good news..we're moving in one month and I look forward to the day of no 3am wake up calls.

Drew was living up the state championship win-the players came and got him and took him onto the court for the celebration on the court, to the press conference, and to the locker room. Andy was proudly walking with the state championship trophy in one hand and Drew's action figure he left behind in the other. Drew loves his basketball boys and says when he grows up he's going to coach like his dad-how precious!

And for me...I'm good. It's been a fun basketball season this year and a blessing to be back in Alabama. Next year I'm going to jump back into the cheerleading world and coach the JV and Varsity teams. Fun times!